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Here’s what readers have to say about Messy Business


Read Messy Business or you’ll be missing one of the year’s most entertaining crime reads. Jacqueline (Jac) Byrne’s life is unravelling fast. Her husband is cheating on her, her business is in trouble, her antisocial teen stepson has turned up looking for a place to stay, and her well-meaning housekeeper, Draga, only makes things worse with her advice. While Messy Business is laugh-out-loud funny, it also passed my ‘riveting reads’ test by making me miss my tram stop not once but twice! And there’s a lovely subtext about how we create a sense of kinship. Enjoy! ~  Angela


Wow, such a wonderfully written story. I was fully engaged and excited, I just had to keep reading wanting to know more and more. Funny, clever, enthralling. This book really captivated me and made me smile. ~  David


Jac has it all: a failing business, a dishonest employee, a cheating husband, a belligerent step-son and an overly keen housekeeper. The story whizzes along at a fantastic pace as Jac's problems overlap and multiply. Absurd yet almost believable - and fantastically funny. ~  Jonathan


After the Thursday Murder Club I am sure a lot of readers are looking for more humorous fiction, and this is it. It's set in Melbourne, and Jac is in the middle of a mess - husband having an affair, business going down the tubes and troubled stepson turns up on her doorstep. Never fear, her trusty Croatian housekeeper is there, favourite broom in hand, to help. Lots of laugh out loud moments, a plot with plenty of twists and turns, and even some romance hints that aren't overdone.  ~  Sherryl