Monday, 10 June 2013

Stereo Stories

And now for something lazily different...

Here's a link to the Stereo Stories website that asks people to write about songs that have strong memories for them. My piece was Desperado by The Eagles.  

What's your stereo story?

About Stereo Stories

Every song has at least two stories. There’s the song’s own story, about love or sex or death or whatever it may be. And there’s the story of the fan listening to the song.

You can read about getting sunburnt while hearing, for the first time, XTC's Senses Working Overtime; or about a parent driving to school playing The Beatles’ We Can Work It Out.

You can read about a first-time father playing Massive Attack’s Protection while tending a fragile new-born daughter; or about a teenager discovering disco in the school playground.

Stereo Stories is about what a song means to you over the years. It’s about why a song stays with you.

It is about hits and memories.

Have a read, have a listen. We'll be posting a new story every few weeks.