Friday, 21 October 2011

Falling off my Tw**ting perch

So—I've been off Twitter for ages. Not by choice. Somehow I even managed to pick up a few new followers! Thanks guys. Overall, I'm not sure that anyone noticed. Despite falling off my tweeting perch I still love Twitter. There are opinions left, right and center. There’s shock value and things to ponder on: to react or respond to. I've become better at managing my Twitter time. I used to get caught up in reading all the websites that I'm directed to by other Tweeters posts. There was always the chirp of the next post in my ear, distracting me from the tasks to which I should have been committing my energy. I've become a more selective and found that things in small doses can work just as well. One of the things that is great about Twitter is that it forces me to refine what I'm want to say and for that has helped with my writing in general. It's a kind of inbuilt editing mindset. I've appreciated that twitter makes things tight. I'm back on my perch now. Tweet!