Friday, 19 August 2011

Friday, Freedom and Ferrari

It’s Friday and my dog, Ferrari, spends the afternoon the way I’d like to—snoozing. Ferrari’s days are filled with the same daily routine now that he’s reached dog-dotage. It’s a safe bet he has no idea it’s Friday. There’s nothing to review in his world.
For people, Friday is pivotal day, the place we stand to look back on the week or forward, to the weekend. It's freedom day for many. A day when we can consider that we’ve achieved and the things we hope to still. Friday is the full-stop on the working week. It’s the catchment grid for stories collected at work, school, appointments, meetings, shopping; mundane events and perhaps dramatic ones that change our lives; an anecdote or an apocalypse. What happened this week? What stories do we have to tell? What questions remain unanswered? What happens next? What will never happen again? 

What’s the story?