Monday, 1 August 2011

Many happy returns

It’s my birthday but not the sort you think. I had a mechanical heart valve inserted ten years ago today so I figure I'm ten years old. That gives me the right to be imaginative and full of dreams. I can choose to avoid an adulthood in which the world says: don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, mustn’t— Bliss! It’s simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. I've had unfailing support from family and friends and a whole medical team behind the scenes who helped save my life. Aside from the surgeon, anesthetist and cardiologist, I’ll never know who they are but I often think about them. Thanks guys! Sometimes the changes forced on us give us the best opportunities to develop our character. I'm not sure where mine’s at for now because the recovery hasn’t been easy. There are people who bounce back quickly from this type of ‘routine’ surgery. Routine for the medical profession not the patient! I didn’t bounce so well so I have days when having a whinge is something I do spectacularly well. I’ve learned to limit the time I spend on self-pity before moving on to deciding what attitude I want to take in a situation. Time is precious and I've got things to do – even if it’s within new limits.  Mostly I've learned that every breath is a bonus. 
I might go bake myself a cake.