Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Godfather was a girl and Blanche Dubois was a guy’

I'm tired because of Hardie Grant Books. They sent me ‘The Godfather Was a Girl and Blanche Dubois Was a Guy' by Eamon Evans and I’ve been up half the night discovering the good, bad and sometimes surprisingly ugly inspiration behind many of my favourite characters. Intrigue list to date: the alarm clock bed invented by the person who inspired Wonderland’s Mad Hatter character, Peggy Lee as inspiration for Miss Piggy (gives me Fever!) and for managing 72 weddings in a few years and giving us four to enjoy, I love Richard Curtis even more. Really engaging read. I can feast like I did last night or graze. Satisfying—and fab dinner party conversation.

It confirms that writers need to be observers when creating our characters; one trait or one remark when given a creative twist can make our character leap from the page or screen. So, I'm off to make a list of strange people I have known as part of my character research then I'm going to catch up on my sleep.