Friday, 1 July 2011

Balancing the books

I don’t get as excited as an accountant about the start of the new financial year but I do like new beginnings. There’s always hope in a chance to begin again. I think of that often when I'm writing. It can always be fixed later. As long as the words are on the page, I can redraft, edit, refine. Pouring it out on the page is the sticky point for many writers (me included). We want our books to be perfect, balanced. We want to know that there is more profit than loss. That’s why we stall—we’re afraid of what is going against the ledger. The constant self auditing grinds us to a halt. I'm going to try and be more brave, leave my auditing until it’s required; enjoy accumulating the words, the paragraph the story, hope I can hold my readers’ interest.

I'm no financial expert but I’d love to cook a book.