Sunday, 29 November 2009

Everyone has a story

No matter how many workshops I go to, I always learn something. Today was spent with a group of writers, exploring biographical writing. The session was led by Goldie Alexander It was fascinating to hear slices of people’s lives, cut from a pie of rich experience. I went with an open mind, not thinking I was interested in biography at all, but the session gave me the kernel of an idea for a short story, one that I’m excited about writing. I made new writing ‘buddies’; people like myself who are trying to tell their stories, or honour the life of another. Many of the writers in the group were braver than I in sharing their personal experiences and their embryonic work. One of the best ways to develop as a writer is to share with others who can nurture the work through a reader’s critical eye, while still giving the author confidence to keep going. I felt connected with the biographical stories that each participant brought to the group. They were all compelling. They all deserved to be told.