Thursday, 15 October 2009

Bottom drawer

I’ve been thinking about the number of writing projects that don't get finished: the idea doesn’t hold water, we lose the plot, the characters are ill formed or we just simply lose interest. Maybe we get diverted by a better project comes along. Most writers can't bear to get rid of the work they’ve done even when they’ve veered off track. Most of it gets relegated to the bottom drawer, a kind of burial ground for the unfinished.It’s a location we should never underestimate for its richness. Out of that mound of incomplete work, we can excavate treasure. We need patience. It can take years to resurrect an idea or fuse it together with a newer brighter one. The work is there waiting, in its seeded format. Even looking at writing in out formative stages as creative and expressive souls can, at the very least, show us where our writing strengths have developed. Digging around in the bottom drawer can be a fruitful adventure. Don’t be afraid to reach in.