Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Writing in the spaces

Most writers I know talk about the struggle to find time to write. Many aren’t full time writers, so the demands of work and daily life are understandable intrusions.
However, there are strategies that you can use. One that works for me is:
 One word at a time
 One paragraph at a time
 One page at a time
Ideas come to me in passing so, wherever possible, I leave my computer on and open at the piece I’m working on. Sometimes it’s just a page to which I can add ideas that pop into my head. It only takes a minute or two write, the word, the sentence. Over the period of a day, this adds up. It’s not the word count that is important, it’s moving the story forward. Word count is just one mechanism that quantifies progress. It doesn’t qualify it—that comes when we redraft. But, you can't redraft what you don't have. We have to persevere if we are to take ourselves seriously as writers. There are lots of reasons not to write. There are lots of reasons we don’t get to our writing. Interruptions, our own fears, others telling us we are wasting our time, the list goes on and on. For a true writer, procrastination is not a sustainable option. Julia Cameron has some insightful things to say about this topic or